Your Trusted Partner

  • At 24bots, we have a passion for innovation, collaboration, and—ultimately—beautiful experiences. We are convinced that building technology is not just developing. It is about understanding truly the meaning behind what is being created, how it will impact the business, and how it can maximize strategic company goals.
  • Great success lies at the intersection. Our innovation consulting strategists and software engineers communicate and work to support every aspect of technology development from research and strategy to execution and deployment. We are equipped to add immediate value and scale to your team, in consideration of your strategic, engineering, and staffing needs.
  • As your trusted partner, we can help you discover the right solution for your technology needs and make it happen.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experts, pioneers, and accomplished executives in technology and business. Under the leadership of our core management and leadership team, coupled with the seasoned advice and expertise of our advisors and partner companies, our 24bots team has pursued challenges and achieved great success. Our team spans a wide array of disciplines, such as strategy, programming, UX, UI, engineering, as well as related specialties in emerging technologies relevant to AI and machine learning.

The Visionary

Mohit Singh

Founder & CEO

Executive Team

Acheendra Dev

Digital Marketing Expert

Anil Pareek

Website Specialist

Anil Kumar

Creative Designer

Our Drive to Innovate

24bots is a leader in innovative technology solutions because our consultative approach is driven by a highly solutions-oriented team of experts who prescribe clear strategy and implementation. Our specialized and relevant experience in focused industry segments affords us a unique vantage point, which allows us to maximize the benefit we can have for our partners and customers.

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