Fleet Management Software

Fleet Tracking Management Software in Dubai

Whether you manage a large fleet of vehicles for an enterprise or a small number of vehicles, it is important to keep track of every aspect of your vehicle. Our Fleet Management solution offers you a range of features from insurance renewal tracking to fuel reimbursement claim tracking and a lot more.

If your company relies on transportation for the smooth functioning of its operations, it becomes even more important that you manage your fleet in an orderly manner. With our Fleet Management solution, you can minimize risks associated with investing in vehicles, improve tracking efficiency, enhance productivity and reduce headcount and the costs involved therein.

Fleet Management Features

Asset Register

Using the asset register, you can add all details associated with your vehicle including vehicle documents, insurance policy details, renewal details, etc. The register can be used to include details related to any number of vehicles added to your fleet.

Corporate Management

If your organization extends discounts to employees when they avail a car loan or maintain a loan account with the organization towards their vehicle purchase, then a lot of data pertaining to the loan account, Corporate Discount, Corporate Discount balance, etc., has to be managed. Our Corporate Management function helps ease this process.

Buy & Sell Car

If you are making frequent or bulk transactions in purchasing or selling your cars, all records pertaining to the same can be fed into our Fleet Management application.


In the event of breakdown or accident, it is difficult to locate the nearest insurance network garage or hospital. With the help of our locator, you can save time in reaching your nearest garage or hospital.


Keep track of all insurance claims made against specific vehicles in one central location.

Fuel Reimbursement

Track fuel reimbursement claims and payouts made against those claims with ease.

Policy Tracking

When you have a large fleet of vehicles, it can become cumbersome to track upcoming renewals, obtain quotes for vehicles being added to the fleet, etc. With our policy tracking application, you need not manually track these aspects of your fleet management

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