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Human Resource Management

Are you a small or medium sized business and finding it hard to cope with the human resource management requirements of your growing team? Our Human Capital Management System (HCM), HRPrix, offers a comprehensive solution to meet your key HR requirements, right from Employee Recruitment & On-Boarding to Appraisal Management to Policy Administration to Exit Management. Our HRMS solution is user-friendly, intuitive, configurable and aids in accurately tracking your assets.

With a comprehensive HCM solution, you can automate several individual tasks that are repetitive in nature. Employee time-tracking, Leave Management, etc., can be tracked accurately to lower the administrative efforts in manually handling these aspects. This way, you can ensure every-day Human Resource processes are managed with minimal human intervention.

HRMS Features

Policy Management​

Define your organization’s key policies such as code of conduct, grade, entitlements according to grade, organizational hierarchy, etc.

Employee Management

Using our recruitment management module, you can manage the entire lifecycle of employee recruitment from background screening to on-boarding to document storage (Address Proof, Salary Slips, etc.)

Employee Self-Services

Empower your employees to access and download individual information. For instance, view and download salary slips, view KPIs, raise service requests, among other features.

Appraisal Management

Depending on whether your organization follows a 3600 feedback process or a regular manager-led appraisal process, you can configure the system to set individual KRAs, initiate self-appraisal process, etc.

Asset Management

With this module, you can simplify your asset allocation, tracking and recovery process. The module lets you create asset category and sub-category types, manage assets according to business units, track asset warranty, etc

Exit Management

This module helps smoothen the employee parting process by letting you clearly define your organizations exit policies, processes, documentation involved, etc. Further, you can set the exit types (voluntary, involuntary), define a set of exit interview questions, and track exit process status.

Travel & Advance Management

Managing paperwork related to business travel can be cumbersome. Also, assigning spend caps and travel limits to employees based on job grade can be tedious if it has to be done manually. With this module of HRPrix, you can predefine travel and spend limits according to job grade, enable access to travel claim forms, and enable bill management and approval online. Further, this module offers advanced features such as travel advance management and salary advance management

Leave & Holiday Management

Track your employees’ leaves efficiently. Our HCM solution allows you to create different leave types (e.g., half day, comp-off, etc.). Define working hours, leaves, weekly offs, according to location, business units, etc. This module in HRPrix allows you to define leaves, working hours, etc based on requirements of your business unit, office location, etc.

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