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Payroll Software for Small Business

Whether you are a start-up or a mid-scale organization with a growing team, managing employee payroll can be an arduous task. Payroll management is not something that just consists of automatic disbursal of employee salary. As an organization, you will have to deal with compliance related to employee welfare, tax and other aspects. For example, contribution to Provident Fund, Professional Tax deduction, issuance of Form 16, etc. Further, payroll management requires one to factor in leaves availed by employees, loss of pay (if any), etc., before determining the amount to be credited.

Our payroll management software frees up your HR professionals’ time by automating aspects such as attendance, leave management, reimbursements, etc.

Payroll Management Features

Attendance Management

Manually tracking employee attendance and then using that information for payroll processing is both time consuming and prone to error. With our payroll management software, your attendance tracking is sorted.

Leave Management

Leave management involves tracking the number of paid time off, sick leaves, and other types of leave taken by employees and linking this data to the payroll software. Our payroll management software helps you automate this process.

Recovering & Reimbursement

Commonly, employees submit reimbursement requests for different reasons. Based on employee grade, the reimbursement eligibility also varies. Our payroll management application helps with these aspects.

Access Control

You can define access levels for different people based on their responsibility. The application lets you to assign responsibility as well as transfer, edit and delete access based on specific requirements.

Employee Master

If yours is a large organization with several names on file, the application lets you to easily upload the information via the employee master.

Earning & Deduction

Your HR personnel are HR experts. If your current system requires your HR to wear the finance hat to compute gross earnings by way of calculating the payables from salary, performance based incentives, and variable pay minus applicable deductions, you have a better way of managing these tasks with our payroll management software.

Payroll Processing

Using an automated payroll management application helps streamline the salary disbursement process leading to on-time salary payout.

Bulk Uploads

The application lets you upload batch files for processing bulk data.

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