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POS Services in Dubai

Insurance is a complex product and requires persuasion for people to purchase it. The world-over insurance penetration is low considering the complexity of the product. Insurance companies identify and nominate agents and distributors to improve sales. In a large market, to achieve better penetration in remote areas, insurers require more agents to travel extensively to close insurance sales. To achieve this objective, distributors are equipped with a mobile sales kit to complete sales. These individuals often referred to as Point of Sale (PoS) distributors assist with closing last-mile insurance sales. Our product is a comprehensive solution that equips PoS distributors to handle customer queries and effectively close the sale.

POS Features

Streamline Sales

Given the procedural complexities involved in selling, it can be difficult to navigate through various forms to complete the procedures involved. Our product offers user-friendly solutions that streamlines the sales process.


The content rendered on mobile/tablet devices will be displayed optimally on these devices – sales personnel will not have to horizontally scroll, pan or tap to adjust the content to fit the screen. Our product is built using responsive technology to help sales personnel maximize sales with minimal content or display related distraction.

Integration with Existing Processes

Our product provides seamless integration with existing processes for straight-through processing.

Compliant with Regulations

The product is designed to provide reports in formats that meet compliance requirements. We provide extended support if you are looking for further customizations with reporting.


In today’s multi-channel, multi-product environment, it is important for applications to have demonstrated flexibility across environments. Our solution supports operating in a multi-channel environment with ease.

Standardized Product Info

Inconsistent product information can lead to confusion and mistrust among prospects. Our product syncs with your core system to obtain the latest data and insurance product information, which ensures the information shared with prospects are standardized.


One of the key features of technology solutions is its ability to scale with advances in the industry and consequent rapid growth in sales. Our product is designed to maximize sales enablement at scale.

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