School Management

Education Software in Dubai

Education is increasingly shifting away from classroom based training to an online, collaborative model that is both interactive and engaging. Learners have a plethora of learning aids to benefit from. Students with varied learning needs can loop back to a specific learning session by watching a recorded session on-demand. Parents too can keep a close watch on their ward’s performance with features such as graphical reports, and a handy dashboard that highlights the learner’s progress.

School Management Features


On-demand training modules on a variety of topics for easy and convenient access. Extended features include ability to conduct live and recorded webinars to facilitate “appointment viewing” for learners at a predetermined time.


Students have an inherent desire to interact and clarify their doubts with classmates. We have extended this feature to the virtual world by creating a forum where learners can pose questions, answer questions and benefit from interactions on a wide range of topics.

Inter-University Interaction

Universities and varsities provide students the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs. With our application, learners have the ability to interact with learners from other universities worldwide and gain from their perspective.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance manually is a cumbersome process and is prone to error. Our application offers attendance tracking that can be used to tracking attendance of students, teachers and other staff members. The application is designed to provide third-party integration such as biometric-based tracking.

Detailed Reporting

Access insightful reports to understand learners’ progress and other key metrics – both academic and non-academic.


With a centralized dashboard, parents can view their ward’s progress, learning activities, report card, fee payment status and a number of other details about their ward so they are on top of how their ward is performing. The application provides customization opportunities so the dashboard can be customized to view the information parents would like to see upfront.

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